Mother Nature is a Woman




The project is about Egyptian rural women who work in Agriculture. These women have always been the backbone of Egyptian agriculture, but their contribution has always remained invisible and considered cheap labor. The project aims to shed light on their significant role in the society which often go unnoticed and undervalued.

For the past two years I have been seeking solace in exploring rural life in different cities around Egypt; In doing so, I noticed that agricultural work is a crucial part of the lives of women living in these areas as they provide for their husbands and family. It is the way they were raised and the tradition they will pass on to their daughters despite the difficulties and poor wages.


Women working in the agricultural sector have no legal protection, no social protection, and no health insurance (even though a lot of the work they do can be dangerous and the heavy weights the women carry can lead to a lot of health problems especially if she’s pregnant.) because Egyptian labor laws lave not acknowledged these women, therefore, they are considered domestic workers.  


Due to the lack of all these rights, employers are able to get away with paying less than the minimum wage; and the women are also more susceptible to mistreatment, and in some cases sexual harassment, by the landowners.

A regular day for a rural working woman starts at sunrise, she waits for the pick up truck that carries her and all the other girls & women to go to a field and collect the harvest; she usually finishes by sunset and then the truck takes them back to their homes. After a long day at work, with indescribable strength and grace she goes back home, clean the house and make some food for her family, and finally get a few hours of rest.

Without these women there would be no agriculture in Egypt. Mother nature is a Woman, a poetic and metaphorical documentation of a face of Egypt that might fade away, but will never die.